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Here is a list of your testimonials


Here is a list of your testimonials

It was fun and creative. Casey's success stories about working with her family and other clients were inspiring. Working on each other and getting feedback from each other was helpful. Casey has a way of making people feel comfortable, of making us laugh and creating a team.

Great Instructor. We gained a quantum amount of knowledge about energy healing and how it can transform our lives. The chakra information was new and fun to practice. It is all very, very powerful and easy to use. I am looking forward to the rest of my life using Quantum Touch.

It was very open and able to share ideas and information. The energy level was very high by the end of the day. My experience with the chakras's opening were powerful and exciting.

Excellent way of integrating life with work-practical application worked well! Awesome, good fun!

Amazing energy, amazing people with so much to share! I learned all about energy and how to use it.

Very informative, presented with love, kindness and an amazing gift for teaching the process. Made much more enjoyable with her encouragement and sense of humor.

Clarity of instructions. Easily absorbable sections and breaks. Openness of group. Having my questions answered clearly. I felt my instructor was thoroughly knowledgeable in this area.

It felt very positive & open. It made me feel that it was ok to be open to discovering how to facilitate my own healing. Upon working with it, now I can put my natural healing gifts to work to help others.

I really like the workshop and have been watching my mom do Quantum Touch.I want to become a practitioner and show kids my age that they can do it too!

About Casey: "I started learning about how to heal others at a distance in the late 1960's. Then moved into hypnosis and aromatherapy. I enjoyed sharing and playing with what I had learned but never took it too seriously unless of course I needed a parking space, the traffic light to turn green or traffic to clear on the Chicago Expressways. Jump ahead a few decades and I started taking it seriously! In the late 90's I became more spiritually aware and started paying attention to 'little miracles' I was asking for. Like many others during this time period, I started to intuitively listen then began to follow my path into what I call "The Great Connectiveness". I started studying anatomy, physiology then radionics. While searching for a Rife machine, I found Richard Gordon and Quantum Touch! That was my NEW beginning. Quantum Touch opened up a whole new world for me for which I will always be thankful. I immediately opened an office, became a certified practitioner and then instructor. I was so amazed at the simplicity I wanted to shar it with everyone. My first year I worked for free because I had to keep proving to myself that this really works! The next year I worked for donations and then finally made it a business. During my 'experimental' years, I found that even though Quantum Touch worked so wonderfully, I couldn't help but notice that most dis-eases were attached to some emotional issues. Thence, EFT certification and various new classes on emotions. Then emotions with correlating organs and chakras. Then biofeedback. When studying at Hanna Kroegers in Boulder CO, Dowsing became my new tool that made finding the problems quicker so I joined the American Society of Dowsers and took some classes with local Gary Plapp. I can go on and on but the bottom line is I just can't learn enough! So for now I am honored to share and teach what I do know and have experienced. I am so grateful to God, my angels/guides, my husband who has always supported my woo woo, my children and my 7 siblings who have all joined me in experiencing many many miracles. I am thankful to you also for taking the time to look at my webpage. I wish you many blessings! Love a Lot, Casey Corr Thompson"