Quantum Energy Healing Center

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(505) 238-3088
Illustrated of Chakras With Crystals and Pendulum



July 19/20 | Aug 23/24

9 AM - 5 PM NorthEast Heights near Eubank/Montgomery

2 Day INTENSIVE Energy Healing Class

Casey Corr-Thompson

(505) 238-3088 | quantumenergyhc@aol.com

$400 for both days or $225 for one Advance registration, please

Day 1: 3.5 hours Dowsing for Health

Learn how to use a dowsing tool (pendulum, bobber, rods) to find detrimental energy in you or your client. This class teaches the basics of dowsing and progresses with practice to medical intuitive. Learn to trust the process!

Day 1: 3.5 hours Emotional Release

Learn how to release stuck energy and stress that may be responsible for dis-ease in your body or your clients. Using a few different modalities including tapping, magnets and dowsing tools. "Stress causes 99% of disease!"

Day 2: 3.5 hours Chakra Clearing and Healing

This class will teach you how to open/clear your and your clients chakras. Learn which organs and emotions relate to each chakra enabeling you to further clean your energy fields thus providing one more modality for optimal health.

Day 2: 3.5 hours Quantum Energy Healing

This class is meant to 'bring it all together' with creative visualization, intent, touch, tones, music and meditation.

14 hour Certificate of Completion