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Massage - Contact the premier healing practitioner in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to learn more about hands-on healing techniques, which are revealed with Quantum-Touchýýýý interactive video workshops and healing sessions.

Quantum Touch Therapy is a form of energy medicine that enables the human body to heal itself by changing frequencies using different breathing techniques and through resonance and entrainment.  This particular therapy is now being taught to practitioners of all modalities from all over the world.  To put it simply, it is a form of Theraputic Touch, Reiki, Polarity, Physical Therapy all put into one simple technique.

*Chiropractors are impressed because bones spontaneously melt into their correct alignment with a light touch; physical therapists see Quantum Touch as an advanced form of physical therapy that rapidly brings down inflammation. Practitioners of acupuncture, reflexology, kinesiology, and a host of other modalities are consistently impressed when combining Quantum Touch with their practice.  Massage therapists provide deeper relaxation and faster healing, while Reiki Masters say Quantum Touch radically improves the outcome of their sessions.  Beginners enjoy a wonderful stand-alone thereapy that is also effective from a distance to reduce pain, balance emotions, care for pets and so much more. *www.quantumtouch.com

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Can Everyone Learn to Do This?
Everyone can do this, absolutely. Even in the beginning, you will find that you can do astounding work. This ability is built into every person. It does not require years of study like learning the piano. You can be very effective from the beginning and be of great help to people who are suffering. Even in a few minutes you can relieve so much pain.

As you get more experience, you will find that you may get faster results. It's not just experience, but the openness that you can sustain to allow the energy to flow easily. The willingness to allow is a central factor and is an element of love.

So, just be your natural self and allow the energy to do its work without getting too attached to outcome. The benefits will come just by holding the resonant energy field. After awhile you will experience seeming miracles of healing. These miracles are the natural result of the process that makes Quantum-Touch® so powerful. Quantum-Touch® engages so many aspects of healing: Consciousness, Attention, Intention, Love, Breath, Visualization, etc. I don't know of any better formula for energy healing than Quantum-Touch®.

How Does QT Work for Emotional Release?
I find that it works extremely well. Especially because it gets the client out of the psychological aspect and focuses the release on the place physically where that emotion was stored in the body. It allows the release to take place very efficiently. With any emotional release, there can often be tears, laughter, or other response, but the ability to lift it from the physical/energy level is remarkable. Usually there is some life lesson connected with the emotion (that's why we still are holding on to it). If we can at the same time come to an understanding of the lesson, then the emotion releases easier. Lessons often center around forgiveness, letting go, willingness to move forward, and living in the present moment.

Can You Treat Yourself?
Yes, you can treat yourself. Most people find that working on themselves produces slower results than having someone else work on them. However results are achieved. You do not need to physically touch the actual site of pain. You can treat it like long distance healing or by touching some part of your anatomy that is comfortable and through intent sending the energy to the area in question.

Testimonials from Professionals
“Quantum-Touch™ is a significant breakthrough in hands-on healing… an essential and invaluable skill for every lay person and professional practitioner.” –Alternative Medicine Magazine

“Quantum-Touch™ appears to be the first technique that may truly allow us all to become healers.” –Dr. C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

“Quantum-Touch™ is a remarkably effective and easily learned method of generating powerful healing energy.” –Dr. William S. Eidelman, M.D.

"You actually have to see this work to know how good it is.  Bones move into alignment with just a light touch, and it speeds up the healing process."           Darla Parr, D.C.

"I am thrilled at the simplicity and the effectiveness of this technique. Quantum Touch is a great awakening." - John Jacobs, Ph.D.

"Quantum-Touch is a powerful hands-on healing technique that can be used effectively by lay people as well as professionals. I highly recommend it."                                  -Dr. Patricia Warkus, M.D.

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